Every second Sunday of the month, 2 – 4pm

2nd Sunday Contact Improvisation Jam
Cost: $10 Sustainable Rate (Sliding scale $7-$20) *no one turned away for lack of funds

Jam Description: An open level contact improvisation jam. In the opening and closing circles, we will introduce ourselves and participants to each other and standard guidelines for the jam. Participants can expect touch, weight baring and improvisation wrapped in quirky, inspiring and experimental sounds and music.

CI Description: Contact Improvisation is an improvisational, weigh-baring social dance form founded int he US in the 1970s. It is a training tool practiced by professional dancers, an educational tool for training in partner dances, as well as a therapeutic, creative and strengthening practice for people of all walks of life. What distinguishes CI from other partner dances is its unique combination of improvisation, fluidity of leader/follower roles, the potential for full weight-sharing, all practiced under the watchful eye of a seasoned facilitator.