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As we blossom with spring may we feel the earth with our bare feet and attune to this moment.

Surprise! We made the front page of The News of Orange County! Next River Park gathering April 28th 5pm *starting with a Plant Walk with Root2Rise Wellness.. see more below!

Link to Article here.

The Living Arts Collective is at the Come Together Retreat at Raven Haven: A Journey Through Music, Movement, Art, and Sound.  A weekend of uplifting movement and sound activities to move, heal, and remember, join us for the Living Arts Dancewave with Grand Shores + Practice Space with Aubrü!

This Saturday!
April 15 8-10pm

At 1237 Privet Dr, Graham, NC

8:00  Practice Space  with Aúbrey and Brü of the Living Arts Collective
All are invited to drop in at 8pm. This is a lightly facilitated flow where we build the skills to unleash imagination within free-form movement, as we  develop improvisation skills  to enrich our individual and collective Dancewave experience. We will deepen our engagement with listening to the body, building awareness and trust through specific somatic and improvisational practice accompanied w/ live music. This is open to all levels and abilities, designed to support one’s journey on their embodied practice. Highly encouraged for those new to the Dancewave!

8:30-10pm Living Arts Dancewave with Grand Shores. 

To Register: https://www.eventbee.com/v/come-together-retreat/event…

Or contact kristenk989@gmail.com

Link to Facebook event

Afro-Cuban dance with Vladimir Espinosa at LAC!
Price: 12/students and seniors in advance. $15 at the door. regular tix are $15 in advance $20 at the door.
Ticket links: Adults: https://livingartscollective.as.me/adult
Elders and Kids: https://livingartscollective.as.me/EldersandKids

Live Drummers!! Amazing Teacher!! Vladimir Espinosa is a musician, actor, and choreographer born in Havana, Cuba, in 1964. He is currently an instructor of Latin Percussion, Afro-Cuban Dance, and Musician-accompanist in residence at Hollins University, Roanoke, Virginia.

The Living Room Open Mic ~ Third Friday 4/21 7-10pm (Downstairs at LAC) 
This is a very special space to share your authentic self. Come with a poem, song, or yourself. Invite you friends! Food by Common co-op and Beverages by Homebucha!!
Hosted by: Brother Gareth, Aubrey, Bruce, Matthew, Morgan and Friends

Join the Living Arts Collective Last Fridays at Hillsborough River Park: 

      • LAC Plant Walk with Root to Rise Wellness
      • Community Drum Circle + Family ART Area
      • Living Arts Dancewave + Collaborative LIVE Painting with Jaded + DJ Gino ~ facilitated by Aubrey & Brü
      • Piedmont Tree Climbing + Food by Vegan Flava in Hillsborough River Park!

    In collaboration with the Hillsborough Arts Council. 

    All ages are welcome, especially elders and children. Whatever your experience or comfort level is with dancing, drumming and art, this is your opportunity to move, dance, be in nature, relax and create as you wish within an intergenerational community space.

    *Please contribute to the Artists Fund as you are able.  We have a goal for this event to be FREE to the public to encourage accessibility for all. Since our supplemental funding recently changed, Please donate to the Artists Fund as you are able. Thank you!

Living Arts Dancewave 
10:10am Heart Medicine Song Circle
11:11am Practice Space
11:33 am Opening Circle
1:01 Closing Harvest Circle followed by Restoration of the Space

Location: 410 West Geer St Durham, NC

Tickets available at: https://livingartscollective.as.me/SUNDAYDancewave (click on date when registering)

Practice Space Aubrey & Brü  11:11 AM
All are invited to drop in to this lightly facilitated flow where we develop improvisation skills in free-form movement to enrich our individual and collective Dancewave experience. We will deepen our engagement with listening to the body, building awareness and trust through specific somatic and improvisational practice accompanied w/ live music.  Highly encouraged for those new to the Dancewave!
You are also welcome to enjoy your own ritual and routine in the shared space.

Indoor Co-Created Dance Space Offerings:

      • Seasonal Altar: Embracing the OUSIA wheel of nature’s cycles. You are invited to bring an offering to the shared altar co-built.
      • Art Station: Write, draw, play with colors!
      • Card Collection: Inspirational decks for you to choose from
      • Resting Nook: Pillows and blankets provided for your ease and comfort at rest
      • Closing Harvest Circle: A potent time to share briefly from the day’s Dancewave experience, if you choose.
      • CARE TO SHARE Table: You are invited to bring something of value to share and and take home something that you’d enjoy.
      • Restoration of the Space: Join in returning all of the above to it’s place after Closing Circle. Many hands make light work!

ABOUT THE DANCEWAVE: Living Arts Dancewaves strives to create an inclusive space for people to move freely and express themselves creatively. Participants may experience the euphoria of music, rhythm, and connection with themselves, others, and their environment. Over the course of 90 minutes, live and/ or curated music is woven together in a wave format- supporting your arrival and embodiment process by starting slow, building to a peak, and then returning to silence. Dancewaves are a versatile activity that is inclusive of all ages, physical bodies, cultural backgrounds, identities, and dance abilities. We strive to create a space that is welcoming to all. We are an intentional, radically-inclusive, LGBTQ+, multiracial, and multicultural community for healing and wellness through movement.

REGISTER HERE: (https://livingartscollective.as.me/SUNDAYDancewave)
We aim to provide a safe space for playful exploration and for experiencing the beauty and freedom of art in its many forms. We embrace all forms of diversity, including gender, race, religion, age, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, and we work to understand and dismantle all kinds of oppression present within our community.

CONTRIBUTE HERE:  https://www.livingartscollective.com/sustain/
Our wish is for the Dancewave to be collectively supported to be accessible to all.  Hours of work, and necessary funds go into creating and organizing the Dancewave space and music every week. Please Consider sustaining this movement by becoming an LAC Sustainer with a monthly contribution amount of your choice. Your presence and support is treasured, and makes all the difference.

The LAC founder, directors, and friends will be playing live music w/ Raspberry Jam during for the Living Arts Dancewave on Saturday and XYLEM on Thursday at Shakori Grassroots Fest!!

Living Arts Collective is at Shakori Hills! Saturday and Sunday May 4-7

We are dancing, making music and sharing contact improvisation, come on out to the beautiful hills of Shakori!

      • Living Arts Kids Dance & Play – Saturday,  Dance Tent 11:11 am
      • Living Arts Dancewave + Raspberry Jam – Saturday, Dance Tent  12:30 pm
      • Living Arts Contact Improvisation Basics – Sunday,  Dance Tent  10:00am
      • Living Arts Contact Improvisation Jam – Sunday, Dance Tent  11:00 am
      • Double Dutch and Rhythm – Friday, Dance Tent 10:30 am
      • Xylēm – Thursday, Carsons Grove Tent  9:00 pm
      • Living Arts Tea Tent – You’re welcome to find a respite here and sip some tea in community and rest, open throughout the festival!

Learn more + get your ticket/volunteer 
Shakori Hills 1439 Henderson Tanyard Road Pittsboro, NC 27312

Living Arts Dancewave –  Susu Hauser Photography

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