Plants hold keys to healing on many levels, and flower essences are one of the most gentle yet potent forms of medicine the plant realm offers. Working on the subtlest level, they gently open and transform our patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior into alignment. So elegant and simple in their actions, they are also just as simple to make and work with.

Bring flower essences into your personal healing practice in this hands on workshop with herbalist and flower essence practitioner Lindsay Perry. Whatever you’re working on, the plants are ready to support you. You will learn to make a flower essence, how to intuit the teachings and medicine of your essences, as well as intuitive techniques for creating essence blends. Each participant will leave with a flower essence made collectively, as well as an essence blend, made from Lindsay’s personal collection of essences, and a handout.

Lindsay Perry is an herbalist, flower essence practitioner, and nature lover in Durham. She offers healing plant medicine to community through her business Full Flower Herbs. She has studied flower essences and intuitive arts with Asia Suler, and herbalism with Juliet Blankespoor, Kim Calhoun, Will Endreis, and Sajah Popham.

Price: $45 per person

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