Thursday, February 14th, 7 –– 9p

The Beloved Within: Heart Centered Celebration

When we focus on our connection to self  we become whole & our connection to others deepens.
Join us for a celebration of the divine unity where we deepen our connection to self  and community.

The evening will be woven with:
Sacred Circle Leader, Rebekah Joy

Conscious Tantric Breathing- warm up meditation

The Beloved Within: Visualization mediation

‣Cacao Elixir: Offering & Blessing 

‣Sound Journey: set by Inner Space Journeys & XYLEM :: The Sound journey will be crafted with live electronic, acoustic instrumentation, as well as DJ soundscapes to provide a container of movement exploration, mediation, and connection.

Sound frequency vibrations help move stagnant energies that do not serve us and balance and harmonize our emotional & physical body.

Tea Lounge::  Experience hand crafted herbal tea infusions. Hydrate, stretch, drop in, Create intentional connections with others.

Altar of the Beloved:: Be still, Be Silent, Reflect :: make an flower petal offering or co-create a flower mandala.