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Come zouk with us! Every Wednesday, you can come to the Living Arts Collective in downtown Durham to dance Brazilian zouk. This is a great opportunity for you to meet new people, get some exercise, and work your brain and body in new ways!

Most weeks we have either a class or a practica at 7:30pm where you can work on learning the dance. Check the Triangle Zouk Facebook page for details on this week’s event. Some weeks the class or practica is designed for zouk dancers at an intermediate level, but all are always welcome to come for the social at 8:30. Our community is friendly and someone will be happy to show you the basic step!

Tickets are available by cash, PayPal, or Venmo at the door: $7 for the social, $10 for practica and social, and check our website for class prices:

Please note that we meet in the wellness studio of the Living Arts Collective. When you arrive, go through the double pink door (upstairs)


Who are we?
Triangle Zouk is your local team of organizers dedicated to building a community around our shared passion, Brazilian zouk. We emphasize creating a safe space for all at our events. Come talk to an organizer if you have any questions, and see our safe space policy here:

What is Brazilian zouk?
If you have never experienced this beautiful and mesmerizing dance, you are in for a treat! Brazilian Zouk, also known as “Zouk-Lambada,” is a partner dance with origins in Lambada and traditionally danced to “Zouk” music made popular in the French Caribbean. Brazilian Zouk can be characterized by its smooth and flowing nature as well as its circular upper body movements, dramatic hair whips, dips, and magical connection. As this dance has evolved along with popular music and dance trends, you will now see various styles where partners may deviate from the traditional rhythm to allow for musical interpretation and enhanced partner connection. Brazilian Zouk can be danced to many musical genres including Hip-Hop, R&B, New Age, & Pop (to name a few), lending itself to be enjoyed by a wide range of dancers (or non-dancers) from all backgrounds!

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