Sunday, December 9th, 2 – 4p

…investigations centering on intersections and stories of CI through the body….. facilitated by Karen Nelson, is an inclusive lecture-demonstration-participatory jam event that inquires into the evolution of CI as a living, breathing, changing dance form. This platform— part ritual, part performance, and part social club— calls on experienced practitioners of CI to share embodied stories centering on intersectionality, passion, identity, and one’s own history in the form. Audience will be invited to at first witness, and later to choose to join (or not) into the dancing. As well, screenings of archival video documentation of early CI practice and performance will provide a context for one creation myth of this work.

Karen will invite some local CI practitioners to support the event. There will be a ‘first wave’ of pre-arranged performer-story teller-dancers who also begin the jam. Later, audience/witnesses are invited to join and encouraged to share there story, dance and jamming in similar manner. Archival video of CI history will also be shown during and between the waves of dancers entering the space.