Tuesdays, 6 – 8p

We will build a practice of Contact Improvisation over the course of a semester. Christopher, Aubrey and Megan will rotate in as lead teachers. Each month builds to take us from beginner to life-long student, honing our skills of embodiment, listening, and presence.

Contact Improvisation is a movement practice focused on:
– sharing weight
– maintaining attention
– improving physicality
– developing community

Each Month will include a structured class from 6-7 and a practitioner’s lab (details below) from 7-8, with the last Tuesday of every month scheduled as an open jam. Open jams invite in the larger community to dance and play, allowing us to grow in new ways!

PM Christopher via Facebook and/or
Venmo @Christopher-Grohs a class deposit ($50 for January – 4 classes, 4 labs, and 1 jam!)

Limit: 20 Students

Full Experience from 6-8pm:
Pay for each month in advance and the jam is included!
(Class, lab and jam!)
4 or 5 Tuesdays: $50 / $65 per month

Lab only (7-8): $15 for the month, or $5-10 drop-in

**No one turned away for lack of funds. Please reach out if you need a sliding scale rate.**

Dates/Times: Tuesdays, 6-8 pm starting Jan 8th

Structured Class from 6-7: Class will explore technical skills of CI dance. Detailed themes below.
**Beginner’s required to take the 6-7 class prior to the lab for 2 months before lab-only option available**

Practitioners Lab from 7-8: for class participants and the greater CI community to dance, share, and play in a collaborative space with minimal group instruction, but plenty of help available to workshop interests or boogey!

Location: Living Arts Collective

Themes for each month:

January: Introduction to Contact Improvisation
– Making Contact (consent, boundaries, listening)
– Sharing Weight (leaning in, pouring weight, creating pathways)
– Rolling Point (tracking and following the shared point of contact)

February: Getting Down
– Small Dance: first partner is the floor
– Dancing with the floor (using the floor to create movement and safety)
– Falling (together, solo)

March: Flying Low
– Pathways to move in and out of the floor together and in solo
– Folding joints and landing pads: protecting your knees!
– Counter-balance: leaning away and creating a pull

April: Moving Up
– Solving the fun problems of managing weight (falling, catching, enjoying)
– Elevators and on-ramps: finding small lifts in your dance
– Pouring Weight: liquid bodies, easy movements