Solstice Blessings ,

“Solstice means “sun stands still,” as at the darkest time of the year the pulse of life stops for a timeless moment, before the light can return and renew the energy of people and the Earth.” Michael Meade

As the light gradually returns we have some special upcoming intergenerational Living Arts Dancewaves. Our next two Sundays will feature local DJ’s mixing live + musical accompaniment and some special treats.

While this time of year can be complex for many, we hope to hold space for the full range of life experiences.

keep an eye out for 2024 announcements including Contact Improvisation classes, NEW Kids Dancewave and Saturday night Living Arts Dancewave (Jan 13th) returns!!

If you or a loved one are seeking a restorative experience, consider the opportunity to give and receive the gift of relaxation and care at the Durham Salt Cave. We offer services on a sliding scale; visit our website for more details. Use the code BREATHE20 to receive a 20% discount. (See more below).

~ LAC crü

Upcoming Events

This Weekend:

Living Arts Dancewave ~ LIVE SET

DJ LoMain will be mixing a live set, accompanied by live instrumentation from Aubrü Roze. (Sunday December 24th, 11:33 AM – 1:33 PM) *Your Invited to get cozy and wear your pajamas.


Living Arts New Year – LIVE SET

*Please pre-register

Greet the day with a live multi-instrumental sound journey and gently guided movement experience flowing into a Living Arts Dancewave by XY//PHLØ + AUBRÜ RØZE of the Living Arts Collective.
Including a gratitude and intentions toast with CacAO chocolate by alkhemi + Kombucha by Homebucha.


LAC Song Circle (Sunday January 7th, 10:10 AM – 11:11 AM)
Saturday Night Living Arts Dancewave (Saturday January 13th, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM)!

Read more about each event below…

Living Arts Dancewave – Sunday @ LAC

@ Living Arts Collective
410 West Geer Street

This Sunday 12/24, we have a special Dancewave with a live dj set by DJ LoMain and live instrumentation by aubrü roze!

Inspired by Ecstatic Dance through the lens of Ousia (oo-see-ah), the Living Arts Dancewave is an immersive dance experience with curated music woven in a wave format.
Living Arts Dancewaves are inclusive and intergenerational spaces for people to move freely and express themselves creatively. The Living Arts Collective facilitates experiences that are welcoming of all ages, physical bodies, cultural backgrounds, identities and dance abilities.
We stand in authentic, lasting solidarity with our BIPOC & LGBTQ+ friends and family.Dancewaves start slowly, build to a peak and then return to stillness, during which time you will get to experience the euphoria of music, rhythm and connection.
We co-create an environment intentionally free from verbal conversation and cell phones to support a more fully embodied experience.The Dancewace experience lasts for 90 minutes, during which we encourage you to take care of your wellbeing, to move at the pace and in ways that feel best to you, and to honor other’s by always seeking consent in your interactions with others.

11:11 am arrival
11:33 am Opening Circle
1:11 pm Closing Harvest Circle followed by Restoration of the Space


Please Consider sustaining this movement by becoming an LAC Sustainer with a monthly contribution amount of your choice. Your presence and support is treasured, and makes all the difference.


Living Arts New Year

Sunday December 31st
11AM – 2 PM
@ Living Arts Collective
410 West Geer Street

Join LAC for a special New Year’s event on December 31st from 11 AM – 2 PM.

Greet the day with an live multi-instrumental sound journey and gently guided movement experience flowing into a Living Arts Dancewave by XY//PHLØ + AUBRÜ RØZE of the Living Arts Collective.

Including a gratitude and intentions toast with CacAO chocolate by alkhemi + Kombucha by Homebucha.

All ages and experience levels are welcome.

Facilitated by Aubrey Roze, Bru Roze and Donøvan Moran and Friends of the Living Arts Collective

Flow for the day:

  • 10:45 am ~ Arrival
  • 11:00 am ~ Opening Circle + CacAo Chocolate ~ Gratitude Blessing
    Guided sound journey into live instrumentation Dancewave
  • 11:11am- 1:11pm XY//PHLØ + AUBRÜ RØZE
  • Homebucha Toast & Fellowship (Spiced elderberry pineapple) -Toast to call in Intentions for the New Year

*We will seamlessly flow from sound journey to into the dancewave

Friendly Requests:

  • You are encouraged to arrive at the beginning of the event
  • Pre-registration is encouraged and supports the artists by contributing what you’re able. We’d love to know how much booch and cacao to have on hand *no one turned away for lack of funds.


LAC Song Circle

Sunday January 7th
(1st Sundays of the month)
10:10 AM – 11:15 AM
@ Living Arts Collective
410 West Geer Street

You’re invited to come together and sing, as we honor this sacred life we are blessed to share, recognizing the range of grief and joy.

You’re encouraged to bring a song to share, one that we can learn and sing together. Instruments are optional.

You’re also welcome to come in silence, bask in the beauty, stretch, and prepare for the Living Arts Dancewave that will follow.

This event is free and serves as a gift to the community. If you feel called to contribute, your support is appreciated.

*Please see website calendar for song circle guidelines and requests. Thank you

Saturday Night Dancewave

Saturday January 13th
8 PM – 10 PM
@ Living Arts Collective
410 West Geer Street

You asked for it – the LAC nighttime dancewave is back! On Saturday night, January 13th, we’ll host our first indoor dancewave at 410 West Geer in years. It will be a special night to groove and flow in the New Year! More info coming soon ~ see calendar on website for more details.

7:40 pm Arrival
8:00 pm Opening Circle
9:30 Closing Circle


If you’re looking for a restorative experience for yourself or a loved one, explore the opportunity to both give and receive the gift relaxation and care at the Durham Salt Cave. We offer a sliding scale, see website for more details. 

We invite you into the cave, into a Salt & Sound Experience (our signature offering) where you will be ushered into this internal space, supported in your journey towards rest and well-being. Let the sounds and vibrations regulate your body’s rhythms, and the salts clear your body as you feel your weightlessness in our zero gravity loungers.

Sink in, and revel in the gift of slowing down.

Give the gift of relaxation with a giftcard

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