Living Arts Dancewave (Inspired by Ecstatic Dance)

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An inclusive space for embodied arts and self-discovery within the container of community. We value the art of honoring self, one another and nature in a verbal-free environment. You are invited to rest, move, express, create art and be uniquely you.

Why: This is a safe space to move freely, create art and express yourself within community.

What: 90 minutes of music in a wave format, starting slow, building to a peak and returning to stillness as part of the creative environment.

Where: At the Living Arts and various places around the Triangle

When: Weekly on Sundays at the Living Arts Collective plus special dances around the Triangle

Who: We continually strive to hold an inclusive space for all ages, dance abilities, and cultural backgrounds. We welcome you.

We encourage participants to honor your needs and commit to seeking continual consent in all interactions. Practice being present with the unfolding cycles that influence your interactions, artistic expressions and relationships with those in this space. Honor the land and all the sacred beings that also call it home.

:: Embrace Your Journey ::

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