Thursday October 17, 5:45pm – 6:50pm

The intention of the Energy Gym is to provide energy healing and education in a low-cost, community model to support your self-care, renewal and freedom in a safe and FUN format.

Gym topic: Healing Intergenerational and Family Issues (9th/10th Chakras and Etheric Mirror)

$15 preorder
$20 door

The Energy Gym format includes….

Cellular healing and energy balancing
Cleansing and ritual
Space for contemplative thought and inner work
Energy information, technique, and practice
Integration and grounding
A low accessible price point, unrestricted to ‘pay what you can‘
A strongly held space where discrimination of any kind is not tolerated

Energy Gym is for you, if…

You need a break and a little space to restore yourself.
You are curious about your energy system.
You are a practitioner and want new techniques for your practice (we use an expanded 13 chakra model and dive into advanced topics in an easy format).
You want to include an energy medicine practice in your life, but can’t seem to find the funds or the time.
You value your self-care but it’s hard to know what to do for yourself.