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Can I have food and drinks in the ballroom?

We ask for your participation in caring for the community’s sprung dance floor and ensuring the longevity of our space. No food and drinks are allowed in the ballroom unless previously arranged with the booking agent. Sealable containers of water are allowed in the ballroom. 

We welcome you to enjoy any food or drinks in the lobby.  

What is a sprung floor?

A sprung floor is a floor that absorbs shocks, giving it a softer feel. Such floors are considered the best kind for dance and physical education. They enhance performance and greatly reduce injuries. We built ours with the help of many hands. 

Is there wifi?

Yes, we have wifi for event host, facilitators and producers to use.

Is there free Parking? 

Yes, there is free parking available. The building owner has been very gracious in keeping parking accessible in this area. We have drawn up a parking map to help you and your guests locate free parking areas. Certain times and days are busier than others so we recommend arriving 15 min early to any function in order to allow for parking.

How can I get more involved at LAC?

We invite you to attend a class, workshop or performance that we are hosting. If you would like to host an event or actualize a vision you have, please fill out the booking form here.  If you are wanting to volunteer, please fill this form out or talk to an LAC staff member. 

Is LAC a non-profit?

No, but we have decided to operate on the principle of radical hospitality. We work with artists to provide affordable spaces so everyone is able to have a platform. We are dedicated to making the space accessible for all, and as a result, rely on the donations and participations of supporters and community members.  

Where is Living Arts Collective on social media?

  • Facebook: Living Arts Collective 
  • Instagram @living_arts_collective
  • Youtube: Living Arts Collective

I left something there, what should I do?

We have a Lost and Found bin located in the lobby, towards the back door and by the drinking fountain. Anything that is left behind is placed in this bin. All items in the Lost and Found bin are donated on the Third Friday of each month. If you left something valuable, please contact the organizer of your event/class and let us know here.

Booking Process

How do I book an event or teach a workshop at LAC? 

The most efficient way is to complete the book an event form, which will go directly to our team.

What room will I be in? 

The LAC’s space availability and your event’s needs, timing, and group size will all be considered when determining which room you will be placed in. If there is a specific room you are interested in renting, we can discuss availability. We will do our best to work with you to make sure the space you are in is appropriate for your event.

What is the rental cost?

There are a variety of considerations that go into the final price of the space. Time of week, season, use of space, lead time and the need for staff all factor into the end price. The most efficient thing to do is to contact us via our booking form and we will provide a quote.

We are committed to supporting artists of all levels and hold alliance with people who have been marginalized. We will do our best to find a mutual price agreement that serves both parties. 

Is there a booking/holding deposit?

Yes, we require a deposit in order for us to book and hold a date in our calendar. The deposit will also be held as a safety deposit. After the even, if nothing is broken or damaged, the deposit will either be returned to you or put towards your rental fee.

Is there a contract?

Yes. We have a contract for anyone who is booking the space. We also have a Space User Agreement for anyone who is acting as a facilitator during a class/program/event. This must be signed by all eligible parties and sent to LAC before the event is actualized. Failure to comply may result in cancellation of your event without refund. 

What happens if I cancel my event?

We require 30 days notice for cancellation. If you cancel less than 30 days before your event, you will forfeit the holding deposit.

When do I pay?

We require flat rate rentals to be paid prior to confirming event, unless other arrangements are agreed upon. Percentage agreements minimums must be paid in order to confirm event, with remaining balance due within 24 hours after event. 

Do I need event insurance?

Depending on the life and size of the event, we require general liability event insurance with proof of insurance presented no less than 7 days before your event. Failure to comply may result in cancellation of your event and loss of deposit. 

Any event where alcohol is offered must have insurance and the proper permits from the NC ABC Commission. 

Info For The Day Of

Will anyone be onsite for my event?

It will depend on the type of event you are holding. Some groups will be able to work alone; but, most likely, an LAC representative will be onsite before, during, or after your event in order to make sure it is running smoothly.

Can I bring food and drinks for my event?

Yes! We require all food and beverages to remain in the lobby, though. Anything besides water is prohibited in the ballroom to protect the sprung floor. 

Can I come early to set up?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate extra set up time. Any set up or break down that your event requires must be done during your agreed rental period. 

Do I need to clean?

We require the spaces to be returned to the condition they were in before your event. Light cleaning, including removing personal items, sweeping, and waste removal are the responsibility of the renter. 

Can I return the day after my event to clean?

We are not usually able to accommodate this request. Any next day cleaning must be pre-arranged. 

What happens if I go over my scheduled time?

If you go over your agreed time, there will be additional accrued fees based on the amount of time you take. All set up and cleaning must be accomplished during the agreed rental time. Remember, there are often groups who are scheduled to use the space back-to-back. When a group goes over their agreed time, it negatively affects the next groups as well. 

Decorations and Music

Can we decorate for our event?

Yes, but we must approve of the means of decoration. We do not allow the use of permanent fixtures, tape, or glitter. 

Can we have a band for our event?

Yes, we love live music! We will just need to discuss logistics.

Your Voice is important – We welcome suggested updates or requests:

Fill out our “book an event” form. Be sure to give us as much information as you are able; we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

What is the difference between an Event Producer, Event Facilitator, and a Space User?

An Event Producer is someone who is responsible for putting on an event and who works with LAC directly. Event Producers are the ones who are responsible for making sure the space is used properly. An Event Facilitator is someone who assists the Event Producer and who helps keep the space safe. A Space User is anyone who uses the space. Everyone is expected to act respectfully and thoughtfully.

Example of roles: 

  • Event: Dance Festival
  • Event Producer—Festival Director 
  • Event Facilitator—Dance Teacher
  • Space User—Everyone! Students, teachers, vendors, etc. 

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