Sunday, January 19, 11:30am – 2:30pm

Event is free but you must reserve a ticket as seating is limited.

Have you overlooked a huge piece of your spiritual growth?

If you have not addressed your sexual healing, you’re probably falling short of your potential to attract and receive the things that are most important to you…

financial abundance,
high-quality relationships,
and the capacity to shine as an empowered feminine leader.

As women, we carry it all in our bodies… cultural, religious, and sexual shame and wounding, passed down through the generations. Most women aren’t fully aware of the impact this has on their health, their relationships, and their capacity to receive money and other forms of abundance.

Your sexual energy is your most potent untapped resource.

When you heal and celebrate your sexuality as sacred, you activate your feminine birthright… your capacity to magnetize and receive what you’ve been longing for.

• Attract connected, empowered relationships
• Reclaim your voice and speak your truth
• Activate your feminine power and presence
• Reignite your passion, vitality, and aliveness
• Illuminate your soul’s true purpose
• Heal sister-wounds in a unique, powerful way

We are building a community of women who know they are here to make an impact. Women who embrace the power of feminine presence. Women who have the courage to learn how to live full out and speak their truth. Women who want to live big, joyful, passionate lives.

We offer you the missing piece… a proven, fully clothed process created by women, for women. It’s powerful, accessible, fast, safe, gentle, and we guide you step by step, every step of the way. We’ll demonstrate this process to you and offer you an opportunity to register for a weekend workshop to experience it for yourself.

*Trans women and non-binary femmes are welcome.

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Facilitated by Amrita Grace, Co-Founder of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School.

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