Friday, June 15th, 1 – 6pm

This workshop is based on tasks that use theatricality and a state of being as influence for physical movement. We will warm up through tasks that ask us to re-imagine that body in different contexts and then move into larger “happenings” in the space. We will explore different methods of creating those happenings in a safe and inclusive space. Everyone’s experience is valid in this world we will make together.

I am interested in improvisation not as a random series of movements, but as a way to react to situational based proposals. For example, a storm, a volcanic eruption, a strange encounter in the train. As human beings, we have a great deal of influences from our daily lives that we often don’t have the opportunity to reflect on. Performative and creative contexts allow us to address reality through the lens of the surreal and make sense of things we could not understand through normal processes.

This workshop is accessible to anyone with an open desire to experience movement. This approach to physical tasks is not limited to our understanding of dance technique, but includes our human impulses as a catalyst for instant creation.

A performance of my solo work “Most women do not creep by daylight” will follow this workshop from 5pm to 6pm.

About the artist: Rachael Mauney is a freelance artist originally from North Carolina who is now based in Berlin and working as a performer throughout Europe. She comes from a technical dance background, but is interested in movement as one of many tools in the creative process. She is interested in using her teaching practice as a means of researching ideas related to the human condition, rather than replicating known forms, Although physicality is an extremely important aspect of her own work, she is intent on accessing the body in ways which allow for honest reactions rather than promoting traditional standards about the human form in performance.

Cost for workshop and following performance: $30
Student discount: $25

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