Wednesday, March 13th, 7:30 – 8:30p

Woot woot! It’s practica time! And this week we have a special mix n’ match theme, which covers anything from role switching, partner stealing and/or switching, and three-way and four-way dancing. We’ll have some cool videos from top world instructors showing these concepts, but as always, you are welcome to bring other videos/moves/concepts you want to work on outside of this theme. Some of us have been interested in some three-way dancing for a while, and are super stocked about this practica!

Our practicas are open to intermediate-level dancers who know the fundamental moves and dance patterns of zouk and are ready to experiment in learning advanced moves. In this space, we’ll experiment with moves we are not yet confident to try on the social dance, moves we’ve seen on YouTube videos or learned on a weekender and want to ingrain into our dance routine. We ask that dancers consider committing to coming to the practicas as much as possible, so we can create a community that grows and learns together. This week’s theme is going to be lambada zouk!

The practicas will happen every week when we don’t have class. They cost $10, and include entrance to the social afterwards.