Friday, December 7th, 9 – 11pm

Asheville musicians and chocolate alchemists, Aradhana Silvermoon and Truth-i Manifest are bringing the sounds and sensations of I,Star music and Silvermoon Chocolate to the Living Arts Collective on Friday, Dec. 7th following the 7pm Dance Wave!!

From the heart of Appalachia, I,Star rises… Encompassing a core fusion of husband-wife duo, MC/poet Truth-I Manifest’s potent lyrical flow, and singer/songwriter Aradhana Silvermoon’s angelic melodies- with their stellar band’s profoundly funky prowess- I,Star’s performances are a dynamic interplay of hard-hitting rhymes weaving through evocative refrains, building to harmonies in the hooks. Their wholly original “folk-hop” carriage bears keen commentary on personal and global transformation, stewardship of the Earth, social justice, and love amidst it all. Whether in configuration as a duo with acoustic guitar and bare vocals, with one or more accompanists, or with the powerful layers of a 7-piece band and their improvisational gifts, I,Star inspires listeners to groove deeply and journey into their rich imagery and soundscapes. Displaying wide, genre- crossing versatility with influences of funk, world, reggae, and rock to accent their folk-hop essence, I,Star’s music has broad appeal to lovers of many flavors. In the expanding constellation of progressive and conscious musical offerings, these luminaries shine brightly. for full bio, music, and videos!