Sunday December 3rd 4:30 – 6:00pm 

In a fast-paced culture, we rarely take the time to listen to musical albums from start to finish. Through these listening sessions, we will experience albums in their entirety and follow-up with an open discussion. As you would not pause and skip through a full-length motion picture, we will treat these albums in the same fashion.

The only rule is to keep comments to yourself until the album finishes. You may draw, write notes in a journal, dance, relax, mold clay, whatever as long as you do not interrupt the listening experience.

Dec. 3rd: “Sensuous” (2007) by Japanese DJ/Producer, Cornelius, AKA Keigo Oyamada

“Sensuous, Cornelius’ first offering since 2001’s acclaimed Point, is a deft canvas of ambient electronica that’ll repay your curiosity in spades.
A composer-ly sense of control permeates throughout, underlined by the appositeness of that title – it’s surely no coincidence that ‘sensuous’ nails the tone of the album more succinctly than this reviewer could ever hope to articulate. Suppressed funk guitars keep metronomic time before billowing into nebulous clouds of reverb, broken-English syllables ping-pong across your speakers (this is one record that’ll sound great on your iPod) and bleed sumptuously into electronic washes of sound.
Think of Sensuous as like walking round a modern art museum: sometimes difficult to fathom, always a perverse thrill. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another six years for him to paint his next masterpiece.” -Alex Denney,


SESSION COST: $5-15 Sliding Scale (no one will be turned away for inability to pay)

| JOHN OSBURN | hears sound like a painter sees color, paying particular attention to the textures and shading of each element within his work. He not only listens to how his sounds thread in and out of each other, but also focuses on how they are affected by the space in which they resonate. Rather than creating music, Osburn focuses on creating a sound environment in which to immerse his audience. Sourcing from his eclectic background in Western music, African drumming, and Sonic Arts studies, Osburn creates a unique musical blend which floods out of his speakers in an evocative array of frequencies.