Living Arts Collective Patron

LAC Patrons support us in supporting LAC Members and Resident Artists by providing excellent resources, affordable space use rates, better promotion, and better compensation for the artists we work with!

LAC Patrons help us develop and maintain the space, shared resources and our Subsidies and Grants:

  • LAC Event Subsidies – discounted rates for certain classes of events
  • LAC Artists Funds and Grants – funds offering additional pay to artists showing work or performing in events or producing events associated with the LAC
  • LAC Artist in Residence Resources
  • LAC Space Improvements and Membership Resources

Future Developments your funds will help support:

  • A sprung floor
  • Convertible Audience Risers/Stage
  • LAC Event Lighting
  • LAC Arts Grants

What you get when you’re a Living Arts Collective Patron:

  • The warm fuzzy feeling of supporting Durham Arts, Movement and Community!
  • Be a Patron for a year and we’ll throw a fundraiser (in collaboration with you if you so desire) for a charity of your choice!
  • LAC Insider updates (including information on what your support helped make happen!)
  • Patron businesses will be recognize on our promotional material!

We’re just getting started, soon we’ll be able to offer additional Patron types with benefits of their own:

  • Patronages for Arts subsets – Dance, Performance, Arts (visual and music) – with LAC Patron Card for use to attend all events of your type at no extra charge
  • Anonymous Patron (Tax Deductible)
  • Supporter Patron (Tax Deductible)

Start supporting the Living Arts Collective community today!

Register as a Patron with a Recurring Payment

(via Paypal, easily cancelled if desired)