Thursday, April 25th, 7 – 9p

~An interactive, inward journey of music and movement; combining deep listening, healing touch and collaborative sound

There is indeed a Music of the Heart;
a subtle, ever changing tapestry of feelings and emotions flowing through our inner world, that is often drowned out by the hubbub of everyday life. During this workshop, we will explore practices that can help tune our ears to this more subtle music within. Guided by the feelings and sensations that arise as we listen, sing, move, stretch and receive massage, we will discover how music and movement can help lead us into a deeper connection with ourselves, and the world around us.
At the opening and closing of the class (first and last 20-30 minutes), Daniel will guide us through simple vocal exercises exploring the relationship of sound and emotion in the body. Katie will then lead the group into a grounded, gentle, deep, yummy, and stretchy yoga class, while Daniel’s flute and voice provide a musical landscape to support the journey. This portion of the class will focus on intuitive movement and deeply listening to the body, with the opportunity to receive massage while in your postures. We may also incorporate a few partner poses to assist each other in stretching a little deeper and letting go a little more. Modifications will be offered throughout, and the freedom to move in a way that feels good to you is always encouraged. In these classes, everything is optional, and all is intended to help you relax, let go and reconnect with that deep well of feeling and wisdom that lies within each of us.

There will be some yoga mats and a few blankets, blocks and straps for use, but not enough for everyone at this location. Props are not required, but if you would like to bring some of your own props to be more comfy, feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillows or blankets to sit on, blocks and a strap or towel.

Living Arts Collective
410 W Geer St
Durham, NC
$30 suggested donation

About Katie and Daniel:

Katie, LMBT, ERYT, is a 500hr experienced yoga teacher, licensed Massage Therapist and Thai Yoga Bodyworker. She has been teaching yoga for 15 years to all levels and abilities of students and loves helping others to relieve stress and tension from their bodies through movement and bodywork.

For 23 years now Daniel has walked a winding path through studies of Music, Vedic chanting, Nada yoga (yoga of sound), and Sufism, as well as over a decade of teaching in wilderness and experiential settings. Now, Daniel specializes in creating music for ceremonial and intentional settings, and facilitating emotionally empowering musical experiences such as Music of the Heart. Whether on bamboo flute, saxophone, or voice, his deeply emotional and highly intuitive approach helps participants move deeper into their own authentic experience.