Sunday, June 3, 6:30 – 8:30pm

“My music is my thought, and my thought is my emotion; the deeper I dive into the ocean of
feeling, the more beautiful are the pearls I bring
forth in the form of melodies.”
~~Hazrat Inayat Khan

There is indeed a Music of the Heart;
a subtle, ever changing tapestry of feelings, emotions, and desires flowing through our inner world, that is often drowned out by the hubbub of everyday life. During this workshop, we will explore practices that can help tune our ears to this more subtle music within. Guided by the feelings and sensations that arise as we listen and sing, we will discover how to use music as craft to travel through the realms of the subconscious and unconscious, or the paths of the heart, as the Sufis call them. Through listening to highly emotive music, guided group “sounding”, and Simple exercises exploring the relationship of sound and emotion in the body, participants will have the opportunity to unwind, let go, and reconnect with that deep well of feeling and wisdom that lies with in each of us.

Living Arts Collective
410 W Geer St
Durham, NC 2770
$20 suggested donation

More Info, and FAQ:

~Music is a language beyond words. Just as our feelings and emotions often defy definition, music offers us a special place to experience and express this inner world, without the need to explain it or put it a box. Throughout our existence, we humans have used music to help us celebrate, to help us grieve, to help us love. In short, music helps us feel more deeply. It is a craft by which we travel through the realms of the unconscious and subconscious, or as Sufi’s call them, the paths of the heart. All of us have experienced this relationship to some degree, as we have all listened to or played music in our lives. In this workshop, we will explore the relationship of music and feeling in a more intentional, interactive, and reflective way.~

Q: Is this a concert, or a class? Will I be listening or participating?
A: Both! The inspiration for Music of the Heart originally grew from my desire to bridge the gap between audience and performer, and draw people into the wonder and richness I experience when I play. The tools provided in this workshop will aim to provide you a deeper experience of both listening to, and creating music.
Q: Do I need to be a musician to attend this workshop?
A: NO! No experience, musical or otherwise, is required. Through the experience, those that feel less confident will always be able to lean on the confidence of others.
Q: Should I bring a musical instrument?
A: This particular workshop is focused more on listening and producing sound with the voice, so there’s no need to bring an instrument. (however, subsequent workshops could definitely on drawing more feeling from one’s specific instrument!)

About Daniel Chambo:
For 23 years now Daniel has walked a winding path through studies of Music, Vedic chanting, Nada yoga (yoga of sound), and Sufism, as well as over a decade of teaching in wilderness and experiential settings. Now, Daniel specializes in creating music for ceremonial and intentional settings, and facilitating emotionally empowering musical experiences such as Music of the Heart. Whether on bamboo flute, saxophone, or voice, his deeply emotional and highly intuitive approach helps participants move deeper into their own authentic experience. His teachers in matters of music and the inner world include John Gudmundson, K. Sridhar, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Vijay Director, Mike Flowers, morning bird songs, mountain sunsets, leaves dancing in the wind, and countless other messengers of this world and beyond.