Saturday, July 20, 2 PM – 4 PM

What is Second Line?

During the 19th century, fraternal societies and organizations began to provide insurance for its members, specifically among the formerly enslaved and the children of the formerly enslaved. The organizations such as New Orleans Freedman’s Aid, began to host parades as neighborhood celebrations, to advertise their services and honor those who died.

August 10th — Black August in the Park — we are looking to execute a 10-minute performance set that encompasses me, Tristan Parks, conducting a 7-8 piece brass band with choreography that leads to inviting civilians onstage to participate in what I refer to as “pre-formance” (an act of disrupting the Eurocentric gaze by honoring the Africanist and African-American traditions). This would segue us into the march! It would be of absolute service that my unit and I enter the space (the park) lastly, as we anticipate proselytizing civilians to join us into a space of black joy and dance.

I have partnered with Living Arts Collective to host a workshop in honor of this year’s Black August in the Park that takes place Saturday, July 20th from 2 PM-4PM!

We ask that black and POC bring $5 and non-black/POC bring $10! We hope to see you all there!

Sojourn, beloveds.