Saturday, April 6th, 12 – 2p

NVC can be seen as a technique, a tool, a process, a language, or a set of principles. Most powerfully it is a consciousness which inspires compassion and mutuality and helps us to connect in a way that makes natural giving possible. NVC provides practical, concrete skills for daily living and interactions, helping us live more in alignment with our most deeply held values while increasing our effectiveness in dealing with daily challenges. If you want more authenticity in your communication and relationships, and more consciousness of the abundance of choices we have in each moment, please join us as we learn and begin to practice the process.

This is a 2 hour demo session. Previous experience in NVC is preferred. We will have a short review of the NVC process, but the main focus will be a demonstration of using NVC with a volunteer (or volunteers) from the participants. We might do role plays for improved communication or healing (these processes are connected), learning the four ways to listen, or practicing the art of deep listening. The exact topics we cover depends on who shows up, what seems like it will be most effective for all, and the amount of time we have to practice.

We are requesting a $25 donation. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Please reach out if financial assistance is needed. Neal and LAC want to make this as accessible and affordable for the community as possible.