Thursday June 6, 8-9:30pm
Sunday June 9, 8-9:30pm

“On Time In Time” is a spatially adventurous film program about time. With three screens, a dozen films more than 100 years old, and special music, this is Durham Cinematheque’s big show of 2019. There’s plenty of room, it’s air conditioned, and chairs are provided! This entertaining and eclectic show includes films and clips by Louis Lumiere, Alice Guy, Jam Handy, the US Navy, the Walt Disney Studio, and many others. Live music tonight is by Evan Morgan and Courtney Werner, with projections by Jaclyn Bowie, Nyssa Collins, and Tom Whiteside. On the program is the current cream-of-the-crop title in the cinematheque’s collection, the found reel called SWIM. Same show (with different musician) on Sunday. Tickets are $10 at the door for adults, $5 for people under 18. The program is challenging (it’s not a “regular movie”) but the material is appropriate for all ages.