Gardeners, Wild Ones, Dancers, Plant People, Troublemakers, Earth Grievers, & All Eternal Beginners: let us root in the deep soil of Living Arts Collective and together become a forest dark and kind enough for endangered questions waiting too long at the margins to enter our hearts and nest.

What are humans for? How do wolves make rivers? What does all this rain want from us? What can our own restless hands do to mend the earth in this time-like-no-other-time?

In this 3 workshop series – open to all who want to act to regenerate the living earth – we’ll explore the art called Permaculture – a new and ancient path back into active kinship with all life. Beauty will be the foxfire we follow into the trembling grove of relation. Music, poetry, movement, meditation, story and discussion will take us down a more experiential track to catalyze our work as everyday earth-healers.

Workshop guided by Matt Watersong In collaboration with Aubrey Griffith-Zill and Bruce Rozeboom

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