Saturday, February 23rd, 7:30 –– 10:30p

Peace of Clay, a new work by two of the region’s most exciting playwrights, Mike Wiley and Howard L. Craft, explores the pressures, hopes, and aspirations of a young man coming of age in a southern city in the 1980s. Raised by a devoted mother in the projects, the main character tries to pursue his path in the midst of obstacles large and small, and discovers his own power and strength. The play is a meditation on an African-American lower-working-class family in pursuit of an American dream that seems to always be just beyond their grasp.

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Peace of Clay is part of a new works series co-produced by North Carolina Theatre + Theatre Raleigh. Special thanks to the support of KD and Sara Lynn Kennedy. This project is supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, and The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, a foundation that supports arts organizations, artists, and K-12 education in the Triangle region of North Carolina.