Alicia Bachlor


Heal the Root

Alesia lives in Durham, NC. Her work as an Oracle, Sacred Life Practitioner, and Guide began in 2012. She is the owner of Heal The Root and offers support to those navigating transitions in their life. Her practice is inspired by her own healing journey and a mixture of integrated wisdom teachings and spiritual traditions which she has studied and participated in over the past 15 years. Her expression and experience of healing is the intentional and intimate guidance that has brought her through illness, divorce, existential crisis, homelessness, miscarriage, conscious reconciliation with the past, shadow integration and other honored transitions of life. Today she thrives as a free-spirit in connection with the earth offering to inspire, mend, liberate, illuminate, reflect, guide, and invite others to reach out to the sacred core that reverberates through the soul of all.  

I invite you to breathe, to slow down, and to cherish the energy of this moment.  

My tools and practices include: sacred circles, guided meditation, reiki, rituals, readings, wisdom sharing, yoga, shadow integration, womb clearing, breathwork, intuitive coaching, birth support, advice, and presence. 

We are here to be alive together!

May we breathe, to be conscious in our ways and learn to cherish the energy of the present moment.  

Thank You.

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