Aubrey Griffith-Zill


Living Arts Collective

Aubrey Griffith-Zill, founder of the Living Arts Collective, was inspired by the life-work of her mother, Robin Zill. Robin earned a national reputation as a massage therapist, educator and holistic spa developer. She was the creator of the Ousia Spa Center in Hillsborough, NC. Robin studied health as something inseparable from the environment—plants, people, and place—often saying, “Nature is our greatest teacher.” She taught that health is attained through the personal journey of self-awareness, assisted by nature. Robin transitioned in 2007, but her work continues to be influential. Aubrey has carried her mother’s philosophies, teachings and knowledge as the foundation for her work at Living Arts Collective, Ousia workshops and retreats, and Movement for Kids of All Ages.

Aubrey nurtured her inspiration from a young child, growing with the influence of the health and wellness industry ever present. She carried these early seeds with her as she danced around the world. It was always clear to her the importance of having a community enriching space where artists, creatives, and wellness practitioners could connect and flourish together. She dreamed of a collective that showcased artists, somatic and wellness practitioners and invited creatives to feel comfortable building and nurturing their gifts. Living Arts Collective (LAC) has grown from a dream into a space and a Intergenerational and Multicultural community where community leaders, activists, artists, practitioners of sound, movement and wellness launch their ideas, express their hearts, learn, exchange, grow and receive recognition for their work. LAC continues to foster the dream of building a harmonious community where all people feel welcome, regardless of age, gender, body type, ability, cultural background or personal history.

In 2016 Aubrey and friends opened the doors to Living Arts Collective in Durham, NC. Its presence was met with enthusiasm from various communities and nurtured relationships in the area, who were searching for a space rooted in energetic awareness, ethical influence, sharing, and actualizing embodied movement. LAC is home to a thriving embodied arts scene that represents a diverse range of instructors and facilitators offering classes, events, and workshops. LAC is honored be a home to many culturally diverse expressions of folkloric music, movement and unique forms of expressions. Each representing different territories of the world such as: Latin American, Middle Eastern, West African forms and beyond. LAC hosted weekly dance socials, live music experiences, Living Arts ecstatic dancewaves, open mic experiences, martial arts classes, west African dance and drum workshops, contact improvisation, group mediations, & mindfulness workshops.

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