Sunday, November 12th from 11 AM – 3 PM
Between you and I there is a reflection. A connection and a dream.
With visiting instructor Cassie Brizzi, we will move to the Let’s Get Real rhythm. We will create a space of trust as we investigate the layers of ourselves in motion. On the dance floor, we will explore new ways to move, stepping into uncharted territories together. It’s the adventure of life. Can we meet this adventure with a curious mind and an open heart?  If there is a call or even a whisper of curiosity to meet on the dance floor, follow that cue. Your body is speaking.
Please bring water and layers to keep yourselves well.
$45 if you register before October 20, $75 thereafter

Cassie Brizzi has been practicing a variety of movement modalities for the last 11 years. 5Rhythms, SoulMotion, Bdanced and Dance Meditation have offered her a broad color pallet and range of experiences for her inspiration on the dance floor. She has been teaching weekly movement classes and workshops in Asheville, NC and beyond for 11 years.