Friday September 27, 9:30 – 11:30pm
A panel based, open discussion on religion, its history, and its effects on societies of both the past and present.

True Edition is a panel-based, open-discussion style event and web series. Created by spoken word poet Afronomenal, the goal of this series is to bring awareness to topics that are often *whispered* about, but never analyzed fully. For updates on events, casting, and vendor opportunities, follow the True Edition Instagram: @trueedition.
During this event we will be discussing all things religion, including its ties to white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, slavery, misogyny, etc. The purpose of this conversation is to honestly and openly analyze the system of religion and its effects. How has religion shaped societal values, laws, and practices? How has religion caused trauma? What role has religion played in systems like slavery, capitalism, and imperialism?
For this discussion there will be a panel consisting of individuals who are either religious, non-religious, or educated in the history of religion. They will help start and lead the conversation, however the purpose of True Edition is to generate dialogue and healthy interactions between everyone present at the discussion. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions, engage with the panel and with each other, and share their own experiences (if they feel comfortable doing so).
This event is completely open to the public. Join us for a healthy and honest community dialogue!
(Ticket purchase/RSVP gives Afronomenal and True Edition permission to use any photograph/video taken at the discussion. Afronomenal and True Edition may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced or used by Afronomenal and True Edition including but not limited to: Youtube videos, promotional materials, etc.)