Resident Artist Membership

Our Resident Artist Membership is designed for individuals and groups who create art and performance pieces, produce and host events, teach workshops and classes and would like to have more ready access to the Living Arts Collective’s space and resources.

Resident Artist Benefits

Basic Resident Artist Membership

  • Reduced Resident Artist Rates (see below for details)
  • Easy Event/Space Scheduling (contract not always required) and preferred rates for event/lesson/rehearsal scheduling

Full Resident Artist Membership

  • Basic Membership benefits including Resident Artist Rates and easy scheduling
  • Free use of Space during available hours for personal practice/rehearsal (week-of scheduling)
    • Must be pre-scheduled before use, but cannot be scheduled more than 1 week in advance
    • May be subject to sound level restrictions during certain hours
    • Only Artist and maximum 2 guest, no paid (paid lessons require rental)
    • Limited to daytime hours
  • Shower Access
  • Printer Access (pay per print)
  • Wifi Access
  • **Coming Soon** LAC Member Benefits
  • **Coming Soon** Artists in Residence Board postings
  • **Coming Soon** Profile on Website

Group Resident Artist Benefits

Groups get all the same benefits as the resident artist, with a few modifications:

  • Free use of space by group (no limit on number of people) during available timeslots
    • requires at least one Group Leader be present
    • members must all be pre-registered with the group (up to 3 non-registered guests allowed)
    • still no paid events/classes
  • Only Group Leaders have printer access
  • **Coming Soon** Group Profile on Website

Individual Resident Artist Basic $30/mo

Individual Full Resident Artist Membership $50/mo

Group Resident Artist Membership $100/mo

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Resident Artist Rates

Resident Artist for the Living Arts Collective space range from $25-150/hr, depending on a variety of factors such as date, day of week, time of day, type of event, and available LAC Grant Funds.

We also have Resident Artist Memberships which give access to Easy Event Booking and Resident Artist Rates are discounted for Resident Artist Members.

Resident Artist Rates

Classes, Arts Events, Performances, Socials and Private Use Rehearsals,

Events, Performances and Socials

for One-Time or Specially Accommodated Events

Weekdays – $30/hr
Weeknights – $45/hr
Friday Nights – $65/hr
Saturdays –  $65/hr
Saturday Nights – $90/hr
Sundays – $60/hr

for Ongoing/Repeating and Flexibly Scheduled Events

Weekdays – $25/hr
Weeknights – $35/hr
Friday Nights – $50/hr
Saturdays – $50/hr
Saturday Nights – $75/hr
Sundays – $40/hr

Artist Handles Registration
– 70% (event/instructor)/30% (LAC)
LAC Handles Registration
– 60% (event/instructor)/40% (LAC)
LAC Handles Most Promotion & Registration
– 50/50 split

Flat Rates are also negotiable