Thursdays, 6:15 – 7:15p *movement studio*

There as many styles of Qi Gong as there are types of Yoga. What makes Gift of the Tao (GoT) a unique form of Qi Gong is its nonlinear approach to spiritual growth and the practice. Rather than a rigid outline for progression in the system, GoT adapts to your particular needs and works. This ensures every session will be beneficial and suited toward integrating your Body, Mind, and Spirit.

This style makes use of Shamanic State Shifting, with each move in the series aimed at getting one to feel and shift into a particular vibration. These states compliment and balance each other, as well as have application in your healing practice with whatever modality you use. In experience, GoT is dancing with Spirit, going with and relaxing into the Flow!

The complete set of GoT Qigong uses dynamic movement patterns to work out the entire body and energy field. This helps improve energy flow and raise your frequency for improved health and awareness. The end result is a expanded and balanced state of being.

In this one-hour introduction to Qi Gong, Link will begin with first discussing the basics of Qi Gong during warm-ups, as well as the prevalent misconceptions about this powerful practice.

You will learn how to navigate this broad field of spirituality, as well as discuss the importance of daily spiritual practice for embodiment, aiding you in both accessing & developing your physical intuition.

He will then lead the group in an amazing and energetic set of movements as we delve right into this beautiful energetic dance of body and spirit.

The Ecstatic Dance Wave that follows is a 90 minute event hosted by the LAC and is a free-flowing expression of energy through various musical rhythms to enjoy the open state from the Qi Gong. This weekly ecstatic dance event offers an opportunity to explore delicious states of being from stillness to unfettered wildness through self-directed freeform movement in community.

Please wear comfortable clothing and be ready to move!

This is a Sliding Scale Paid event the class is valued at $20-
the sliding scale being $12-20. As special for this being the first time at the Living Arts Collective, Link is accepting $10 for his class. The money is an offering for the appreciation for the time that Link will invest into each individual who attends, and to support the space of the LAC.

As a Gift for attending, Link will be giving out discounted packages for Therapeutic Massage and Energywork ($40 off).


Link Freedom (Arthur) is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist with over 4 years of experience. A Healing Arts Professional, he has undergone extensive training in Neuromuscular Massage, Freedom Bodywork, Core Shamanism, Clinical Qi Gong, and Somatics healing practices.

In 2016 year he studied abroad for 5 months in Japan, the majestic mountains being among his greatest teachers. This year his travels took him to Brasil and Peru for 3 months, where he deepened his understanding of the Shamanic world and learned from the Jungle, Mother Ayahuasca, San Pedro, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu.

Link wants to bring healing wisdom and practices from all over the world to those that are not able to travel abroad to experience different perspectives. He collects keys to help unlock wherever one may be getting stuck as they navigate their daily life.

He firmly believes that we are all creative expressions of the Universe, and that the keys to who we really are lie within listening to the body we’ve been given by Spirit.

For more information, sign up for Qi Gong classes, or to schedule your Free Consultation, visit his website at (

You can also go to his Master Teacher Michael Lomax’s website to learn more about Nei Gong and the workshops he offers please visit (