Friday, January 25th, 9a – 6p

Enliven your massage practice with the possibilities of Side-lying position! Side-lying techniques as practiced in eastern modalities offer an underutilized way to build whole-body awareness with your clients, bringing attention to the entire skeletal scaffolding for more ease of movement, and greater access to grounding. With hips and shoulders free of the table, joint mobilizations help clients feel their full range of motion and access more vitality and energy flow. In this class you will:

-Practice a preparation for your sessions to support your own flow of energy.

-Learn mobilizations of the shoulder, spine, neck, and ribs including whole body twisting from side-lying.

-Be introduced to five-element theory and the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians (useful for treating one-sided complaints).

-Find a sense of continuity, ease, and flow in addressing the whole body.

-Learn side-lying techniques and sequences that can be easily integrated into a full-body session.