Thursday, August 15, 6pm – 8pm

Guess what? The Fat Chat is back!!

Join the Clearing at the Living Arts Collective (410 W. Geer St.) on Thursday, August 15th, 6-8pm.

This is a facilitated chat circle and break-out sessions to continue a discussion on fatphobia that centers fat/big bodied, queer/trans, and racialized experiences. Join us!

At the last Fat Chat we discussed how fatphobia is a tool of supremacy systems and fat positivity/neutrality is connected to larger struggles for freedom and liberation.

For this Fat Chat we want to focus on healing. We will have a break-out session where fat-identified folks can have a “fats only” space to talk and work together or independently on activities that affirm ourselves, our bodies, and each other! In a break-out session open to everyone, we’ll discuss ways we can best show up for fat folks, how to work towards combatting fatphobia, and what language to use.

Organizers/Facilitators/Panelists: Kiki DeLovely, Rakhee Devasthali, Layla Rivera, and Kristl Yuen.
Co-sponsored by: The Clearing and the Living Arts Collective

All people living in a fatphobic world (because that’s what this is) are invited to witness and hold space.

The Living Arts Collective is an accessible space (always feel free to contact us at the Clearing if you have any concerns about accessibility), the chairs do not have armrests, and the bathrooms are gender neutral.
The Living Arts Collective shares a lobby space with Cross Fit and we recognize that can be a challenging space for some so we want you to be prepared to take care of yourself around that.

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