Friday, August 17th, 6 – 9pm

We will have an open house highlighting:

Artwork created and displayed by Taylor White + Catherine Kramer
LIVE piano by Donovan Moran
Nourishment provided by The Microgreenery + SUPERFREE
Durham Dance Wave- Ecstatic Dance in Durham starting at 7:30-9:00pm
The After Wave Music Sharing

Taylor White:
Taylor White is a figurative artist who utilizes the human form to depict conversations, explore fields of consciousness, and realize the cathartic points at which the soul confronts its physical form. Heavily influenced by improvisational dance, her work bases its vocabulary on the exquisitely expressive movements of the human figure. Combining refined techniques of classical training with bright, unexpected color choices born from the residue of street art and pop culture, White’s work is a bold and kinetic pursuit of the delicate harmonies that exist in that sweet spot between order and chaos.

Catherine Kramer:
–– treehouse gardens gourd and fiber art ––
Historically, gourds have been cherished and used wherever they could be grown. There are many different types, shapes and textures of gourds, influenced by both variety and growing environment.
Inspired by ancient techniques used to decorate gourds intended for both daily and ceremonial use, various medium, techniques and materials, including botanicals, fiber, beads and found objects are used to emphasize and enhance the natural organic beauty of each gourd.

We are proud to support and collaborate with Third Friday Durham!