Friday, September 21st 6 – 11pm

We will have an open house highlighting:

Artwork created and displayed by Connor Regan + Taylor White + Leagh Anderson
LIVE painting by TBD
LIVE piano by Donovan Moran
Nourishment provided by The Microgreenery

Durham Dance Wave- Ecstatic Dance in Durham starting at 7:30-9:00pm

LIVING ROOM open mic for music and spoken word 9:30-10:30pm, shortly following the Ecstatic Dance. This is a chance to bring something beautiful to share. When you arrive we’ll put your name in a hat and order the evenings performances. This will be a simple, intimate, acoustic, pillows-on-the-floor venue for us to share a bit of who we are with each other. Facilitated by Gareth Dicker & LAC Crew

About the artists:

Connor Regan:
BIO: Is a college student studying in Raleigh NC, set to graduate in 2019. In the fall of 2015 I realized that instead of looking at my phone during class, I could just doodle instead, which I found way more validating, so I have been drawing ever since. Greatly influenced by artists like Salvador Dalí, Peter Max, Robert Crumb, and M.C. Escher, I hope to slightly twist perspective to confuse and maybe even enlighten the viewer.

Taylor White:
Taylor White is a figurative artist who utilizes the human form to depict conversations, explore fields of consciousness, and realize the cathartic points at which the soul confronts its physical form. Heavily influenced by improvisational dance, her work bases its vocabulary on the exquisitely expressive movements of the human figure. Combining refined techniques of classical training with bright, unexpected color choices born from the residue of street art and pop culture, White’s work is a bold and kinetic pursuit of the delicate harmonies that exist in that sweet spot between order and chaos.

Leagh Anderson:
Instructed Drawing, Design, Fibers, and Sculpture at Penn State University, Montessori Schools, and K- 12 public schools in Pennsylvania. Having spent every day exploring the outdoors as a child, she created S.E.E.D.S., a summer camp for 3rd through 8th graders combining art creation, outdoor exploration, and storytelling, as a reaction to the technology “take-over” of our children.
“Creating art has been an important method for focusing and being present. When I’m painting, throwing a pot, or designing fiber art… or doing anything creative, I feel I’m most alive! When I’m adding my ideas to group projects and working with others, I pick up on the energy and ideas of others! I’ve had eight years of formal art education, but feel I would have had just as much fun and would be more spontaneous, if I had skipped the training and just made art.” Moved to Durham in July 2018 and has been creating collaborative art projects for play, for connecting as well as part of a meditation and healing practice.

We are proud to support and collaborate with Third Friday Durham!