Tuesdays, May 1st – 29th, 7 – 9pm

PUSH – REACH – PULL in Contact Improvisation

Class Focus:
Develop a broader vocabulary of movements through the lens of
Push, Reach and Pull. Dynamic range is a result of playing between the states of moving away and moving toward. Accessing this range adds spice to our dance–prompting level changes, lifts, connection and joyfully imaginative moments.

Sliding scale of $47-$107 for the whole series (4 classes + jam)
[$10-25 per 2 hour class plus access to the May jam]

Who should join:
Do you have a good flow in your contact dance and are ready for a bit more spice? This is for you! Check out our photos and videos for a look at what we will do in class (to be posted on April 19th).

Class 1 – PUSH on May 1st

Think pushing a door open, push the grocery cart, or pushing boundaries and limitations…push is how we physically assert our will. In class, we practice this both as the “pusher” into other dancers and as the “receiver” who can push back with equal force to create new movement possibilities like level changes and lifts.

Class 2 – REACH on May 8th

Think reaching for an ice cream cone, reaching for the handle on the bus, or reaching for new ideas… reach is how we extend beyond what we know into new territory. In class, we practice reaching away from our centers into off-balance play, falling and catching with partners. Through practicing reach with partners we gain greater empathic reactivity to others when they reach beyond their limits.

Class 3 – PULL on May 15th

Think “grasping a new concept,” tug-o-war, pulling open a drawer… pull is our ability to bring people and objects closer to our centers. In class, this means practicing counter-balance or leaning away from your partner as well as pulling them towards you and the possibilities this can create. Pull is also a great time to practice CI while out of contact with partners. How do we stay connected at a distance and communicate in the space in-between?

Class 4 – INTEGRATION on May 22nd

Time for bringing all three concepts together under one roof. We will focus briefly on reviewing previous exercises, playing games and finding the dynamic range between the states of push and pull. Class will have a generous period of open practice to ask questions and play before the final May jam the following week.

JAM! – May 29th

Play with your friends and the broader community with a music-filled jam!