Sunday, January 20th, 5 – 9p

Dive into this ancient ritual with us, in conjunction with our “Living Arts SPACE” monthly 3rd Sunday art event ––

BACKGROUND : A potent metamorphosis of life—a passage from past to future—the New Year invites us to compost that which no longer serves and plant innovative seeds of becoming in the fertile soil of our experiences. The ancient and timeless practice of mask making, passed down from the ancestors through the millennia, gives form to that within us that wishes to be released or realized. Whether from the need to let go of shadow or to lean into the next evolute of becoming, participating fully in the mask making process encourages us to identify hidden impulses of possibility, bringing them into the light and form of consciousness.
Our masks, once completed, reflect our deepest desires in the moment, bringing recognition to the unending spiral of transformation. The mask invites us to step through the threshold of more. More of who we are. Donning our masks (or not), we may choose to find our new selves in music and dance. Anything we do that brings subconscious to form, including working with different modalities of creative expression, integrates the different aspects of self and supports the alignment of our multidimensional self.

THE PROCESS : Mask making is a community event. We partner with another to lay on plaster. We do this part of the process together, for and with each other. Once the plaster masks
have been removed from our faces, we listen to how these blank faces wish to express. We bring these desires to life as we overlay the plaster with paint, glitter, feathers, grains, etc. Each
participant decorates according to the impulses flowing through. We allow the masks to dry for five to seven hours.

A $10-12 donation for basic materials is required.
The Workshop is free.

Brought to you by Chitra Qiauque