Who We Are

We are a community of individuals creating and holding a safe-space for the exploration and development of artistic freedom and peaceful living.

We believe our first responsibility is to our local and global community which includes the people and biosphere of Durham and the world at large.

We hold alliance with those who have been marginalized and welcome people of all colors, identities and giftings; black, brown, queer, transgender and people with disabilities.

We offer a holistic, safe, clean, sustainable center that provides services, products, and programs promoting physical, nutritional, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, economic, environmental, cultural, and civic well-being.

We agree to work together, synergistically and holistically, and to create a center rooted in hospitality where neighbors are respected and members of the community are welcomed warmly.

We work to honor principles and practices of sustainability in all that we do. Our governing principles are grounded in the spirit of collaborative, cooperative, consensus-driven decision-making.

We strive to make decisions based in positivity and courage rather than fear and negativity and commit to communicating disagreements in a constructive way that serves the common good of the community.

We are dedicated to creating a vibrant and harmonious community that honors diversity, strengthens cultural traditions, and seeks and celebrates common ground.

We revere and promote creativity and the arts as powerful agents of transformation.

We honor and seek to strengthen the traditions and culture of our community.

We strive to reduce our costs to maintain reasonable prices for the community.

We work together to create an environment that is a source of help, unity and inspiration for all.

We seek to understand and dismantle all kinds of oppression present within our community.



Braver Spaces Policy


This is the Living Arts Collective (LAC) Braver Spaces Policy.
 Our intent is to encourage and empower all who enter this space to enact personal bravery; to express oneself authentically while participating in a way that protects and strengthens boundaries. Our hope is that by holding space together while adhering to the following common goals, we can create a safe container that enables all of us to embody our values while cultivating a clearer vision for the world we wish to live in. We are committed to accountability and growth through self-reflection. These are the values we strive to uphold, and the ones we think best support our mission of consent, respect, and inclusion.


  • Everyone here treats each other with respect and consideration. We are responsible for our own actions. We are aware that most if not all of our actions have an affect on others, despite what our intentions may be, and ask all attendees to maintain this awareness.

  • We do our best to respect people’s opinions, beliefs, experiences and differing points of view and revise our actions when made aware that they are not in line with this goal.

  • We hold physical safety as paramount and acknowledge consent as the key. Unless previously negotiated, ask before physically touching another person or taking actions which could affect them. It’s better to err on the side of renegotiating. This includes affecting people through your conduct with individuals in the presence of others. Ask before engaging in conduct that could affect or be observed by others. Anything besides an enthusiastic YES!  means NO.

  • Bigotry is not welcome here. We acknowledge that we all come with socially conditioned prejudices, that we will make mistakes, and that it is impossible for any person to guarantee the safety of a space for another. We also acknowledge that we working towards a world free of discrimination based on race, class, sex, gender, size, sexuality, physical or mental ability, appearance, social standing, etc. We will do our best to hold each other accountable when we perpetrate these discriminations. We acknowledge that it’s really hard to do this, and that sometimes our feelings get hurt, and we’re choosing to do it anyway because working towards liberation is worth it!

  • For any person who is violating the above policies, any attendee has the permission and is encouraged to call that person into accountability or request the assistance of one of the LAC organizers. In situations like this, we all support each other in taking steps to resolve the issue and defend our community.

  • We have a strong commitment to handling conflict within our community when possible. If any conflict arises, please take steps to resolve the situation yourself or talk to an LAC organizer/facilitator. We all stand ready to assist each other with confronting violations of these guidelines.

  • LAC takes responsibility for creating a forum and container for the creation of a culture that takes everyone’s safety into consideration. We cannot take responsibility for interpersonal conflicts, either pre-existing or those that may occur at LAC, but do commit ourselves to supporting, to the best of our ability, mediation that is in keeping with our values and protocols.

[Adapted from the Recess Braver Spaces Policy]