Saturday, November 23, December 14, January 25, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

It is time to gather.
To celebrate & love & uplift
ourselves and each other.
To move
To be still
To return to the sense of the village
To true sisterhood
To let ourselves be seen in this way
And to be held.

We need each other.
Let us open to this truth
& start the work
of making sisterhood a reality again.


Together, we will be exploring embodiment, movement, the divine & deep feminine AND masculine, Earth and ancestral connections, our connections with self & other, with our wombs & our cycles, readings, discussions…And so much more that we are only beginning to glimpse in our visioning of what this gathering will be.

This gathering is for all women, of all ages (13+)* and stages. If you identify as a woman, we, your sisters, welcome you.

Please note that we are asking to keep more of a closed container for this, in comparison with other dances. We ask that you arrive on time & stay for the entirety, in order to build a sense of safety, connection and continuity. This is an experience, with free-form movement as just one integral part. Please plan on attending when you can commit to being present for the full experience. We will be keeping the space open afterwards til 10 for those who want to remain & connect more after closing circle (feel free to bring snacks or other goodies to share). 6-9pm will be the closed time container we are asking you to help us hold for the gathering.

A loose overview of the structure and flow:

~ Opening circle and drop in/check in
~ 45-minute led experience. This may be a sister giving a guided experience, such as authentic relating, or a pelvic bowl meditation, or she may be sharing on a powerful subject, like vaginal steaming or feminine archetypes. (*please let us know if you are interested in offering your wisdom and gifts at one of the circles.*)
~ 5 min break
~ Circle up for Ousia (oo•see•ahh) a gentile and accessible way to reach into self-awareness, creative expression and free form movements, ending with reflection and integration. (90 mins including intro, free-form movement/dance and integration) facilitated by Aubrey Griffith-Zill
~ Group Closing Circle/Harvest facilitated by Kelly Stack

Ousia (oo•see•ahh) means essence, that which makes a thing what it is. Ousia is grounded in the arc of Insight, Cleanse, Nourish, and Transform as an experiential model for self-discovery based on rhythms and cycles of nature, our greatest teacher. We study the integration of mindfulness and embodiment as a pathways to access meaningful experience and wholeness.

We are so excited and honored to be coming together and gathering the women in this way. We so look forward to being with each of you!

{More details to come as they unfold}

{*If you have children you would like to bring who are younger than 13, please reach out. We are all about finding solutions.}